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1 publications mentioning pde-MIR946

Open access articles that are associated with the species Pinus densata and mention the gene name MIR946. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The expression levels of 7 miRNAs, including pde-miR159a, pde-miR166a, pde-miR390a, pde-miR946, pde-miR1311, pde-miR1313 and pde-miR1314b, were more than 2-fold higher in needles than in stems, Intriguingly, miR166a, an important miRNA known for the functions in establishment of adaxial/abaxial (dorsoventral) leaf polarity, was expressed more than 9 times higher in needles than in stems [40]. [score:5]
In order to obtain solid evidence to support the existence and expression of conserved miRNAs in P. densata, we examined the expression profiles of 10 mature miRNAs (pde-miR159a, pde-miR166a, pde-miR171a, pde-miR390a, pde-miR396a, pde-miR946, pde-miR950, pde-miR1311, pde-miR1313 and pde-miR1314b) in needles and stems of two-month-old seedlings, using real-time RT-PCR (Figure 4). [score:5]
For example, the pde-MIR482 family has 4 members, whereas only one exists in 19 miRNA families (pde-MIR159, pde-MIR162, pde-MIR169, pde-MIR171, pde-MIR390, pde-MIR396, pde-MIR783, pde-MIR946, pde-MIR947, pde-MIR950, pde-MIR951, pde-MIR1310, pde-MIR1311, pde-MIR1312, pde-MIR1313, pde-MIR1314, pde-MIR1448, pde-MIR3701 and pde-MIR3712). [score:1]
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