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3 publications mentioning nta-MIR166g

Open access articles that are associated with the species Nicotiana tabacum and mention the gene name MIR166g. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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miR166 can post-transcriptionally regulate class-III homeodomain-leucine zipper (HD-Zip III) transcription factors, which were demonstrated to be important for lateral root development 13. miR156, which targets squamosal promoter binding like (SPL) transcription factors, is one of the most conserved and highly expressed miRNAs in plants, having an essential regulatory module in trichome development in Arabidopsis 14. [score:9]
Among these, 25 miRNAs (7 families: miR169, miR171, miR394, miR398, miR399, miR408 and miR482) were up-regulated while 8 miRNAs from a single family (miR166) and nta-miRNA6149a were down-regulated in both genotypes under Cd stress (Supplemental Table S4 and Table 2). [score:7]
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miR5303, novel107, miR156, miR166 and miR396 had 32, 24, 23, 14 and 10 members in each family, respectively (TableĀ  S4). [score:1]
Multiple members of miR156, miR166 and miR396 have also been reported in a previous study [54]. [score:1]
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Of 13 miRNA [*], nta-miR166 [*](5.95 fold), nta-miR393a [*] (3.59 fold) and nta-miR393c [*] (11.19 fold) were markedly greater in tobacco roots after topping than that before topping. [score:1]
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