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Open access articles that are associated with the species Solanum lycopersicum and mention the gene name MIR6026. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Sly-miR6026, which is predicted to target SlDCL2a, b, and d, was not significantly down-regulated upon SlDCL1 silencing. [score:6]
Therefore, the up-regulation of SlDCl2b and SlDCl2d is probably due to an increase in transcription rather than reduced targeting by sly-miR6026. [score:6]
In addition, a legitimate target site for the 22-nt sly-miR6026 was predicted in the 5′ UTRs of SlDCL2a, b, and d but not in SlDCL2c, which contains a different sequence instead (Fig. 5A). [score:3]
Consistent with this, sly-miR6026 has been predicted to target the Tobacco mosaic virus resistance gene of tomato (TM2, Solyc09g018220) (Li et al., 2012 b ), and ShortStack analysis identified 21-nt small RNA clusters that derived from it (clusters 113162 and 113163) (Supplementary Table S5 available at JXB online), suggesting that similar to miR1507 in Medicago, in tomato, sly-miR6026 -guided cleavage of SlDCL2a, b, and d as well as the NBS–LRR TM2 gene triggers secondary siRNA production. [score:3]
Cleavage by 22-nt miRNAs has been shown to induce the biogenesis of 21-nt secondary siRNAs (Cuperus et al., 2010), raising the possibility that sly-miR6026 acts as a trigger for siRNA biogenesis from SlDCL2a, b, and d. In Medicago, miR1507 has been suggested to target DCL2 as well as NBS–LRR genes (Zhai et al., 2011). [score:3]
Possible explanations include an increase in the expression of either SlDCL4, which is required for 21-nt phased siRNA biogenesis (Yifhar et al., 2012), or SlDCL2b and d, whose transcripts may serve as substrates for sly-miR6026 -mediated cleavage. [score:3]
Sequence alignment between SlDCL2 genes (A) predicted to serve as sly-miR6026 targets. [score:3]
Sly-miR6026 expression was normalized to U6 snRNA and levels are indicated below each panel. [score:3]
Watson–Crick pairing with sly-miR6026 is shown below. [score:1]
RNA gel blots detected a slight decrease in sly-miR6026 upon global and tissue-specific (see below) SlDCL1 silencing (Fig. 5B). [score:1]
Total RNA (5 μg) from the indicated tissues was hybridized with sly-miR6026 antisense probe. [score:1]
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Interestingly, these 27 members included all the NBS-LRR targets of miR482a (one NBS-LRR target), sly-miR482a (2), sly-miR482c (6), and miR6026-3p (1). [score:5]
Here, we predicted that seven miRNAs act on NBS-LRR gene members, such as miR6024-3p, miR482a, sly-miR482a, sly-miR482c, and miR5083, miR6026-3p and novel_mir_674. [score:1]
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Apart from the six NBS-LRR PHAS loci, we also found another PHAS loci annotated as tomato DCL2 gene that is targeted by miR6026. [score:3]
The only non NBS-LRR PHAS gene found in this study was annotated as the tomato DCL2 and was targeted by miR6026. [score:3]
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Using high-throughput sequencing and homology -based computational research, we have previously identified a number of tomato miRNAs involved in tomato– P. infestans interaction including miR482, miR172, miR6024, miR6026, miR6027, etc. [score:1]
Various letters indicate significant difference among samples, and letters shared in common between or among the groups indicate no significant difference (P < 0.05) To gain insight into the molecular mechanisms responsible for the late blight resistance, we previously used high-throughput sequencing to identify P. infestans -induced miRNAs in tomato, including miR169, miR398, miR482, miR6024, miR6026, and miR6027 25, 47, 48. [score:1]
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Whereas two miRNAs, miR397–5p and miR398b-3p, were common in the stamen and pistil libraries at 2 d after heat-stress treatment, 12 known miRNAs belonging to the miR159, miR160, miR319, miR393, miR482, miR1918, miR6026, and miR6027 families (Fig.   5a, Additional file 1: Table S5) were common at 12 d after heat-stress treatment. [score:1]
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