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2 publications mentioning osa-MIR5508

Open access articles that are associated with the species Oryza sativa and mention the gene name MIR5508. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Moreover, six miRNAs, including osa-miR160e-5p, osa-miR166i-3p_L+2R-2, osa-miR167e-3p, osa-miR167i-3p, osa-miR390-5p and osa-miR3979-5p_R+1, were up-regulated in leaves at least in two stages of grain-filling in rice N2Y6, and 11 miRNAs, including osa-miR1320-3p, osa-miR169h_R-1, osa-miR169i_R-1, osa-miR169j_R-1, osa-miR169k_R-1, osa-miR169l_R-1, osa-miR169m_R-1, osa-MIR1883b-p5_1ss6TA_L+12R-15, osa-miR2863b_L-1R+1, osa-MIR2871b-p5 and osa-miR5508, were down-regulated in leaves at least in two stages of grain-filling in rice N2Y6 (Table 2). [score:7]
Interestingly, compared with the expression in leaves of LYP9, osa-miR5508 was found to be down-regulated in all leaves of three stages of grain-filling in rice N2Y6 (Table 2), suggested that it might perform important role in regulating leaf senescence. [score:6]
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By analyzing the relationships between miRNAs and the lost/gained target genes, we find that some miRNAs, such as osa-miR2102-5p osa-miR2104, and osa-miR5508, have gained 175, 82, and 38 potential targets after variation, respectively. [score:5]
Notably, osa-miR2104 and osa-miR5508 have gained more than 94% and 90% of target genes. [score:3]
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