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1 publications mentioning asu-mir-279b

Open access articles that are associated with the species Ascaris suum and mention the gene name mir-279b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The miR-279 was reported to regulate the JAK/STAT pathway to drive rest:activity rhythms in Drosophila [49]. [score:2]
Contig Position Strand Cluster Reported in other nematode MiV1ctg20 43319–43619 + miR-71-1 H. contortus [48] miR-2a-1 MiV1ctg221 69290–69588 - miR-71-2 miR-2a-2 MiV1ctg1924 3647–4158 + let-7 B. malayi [41] miR-100 MiV1ctg644 18822–19030 - miR-279 B. pahangi [48] miR-2b MiV1ctg27 99326–99923 - NOVEL-1-1 NOVEL-39 MiV1ctg2865 1792–2014 + miR-240 NOVEL-30 MiV1ctg1143 4187–4580 + NOVEL-12 NOVEL-11 NOVEL-14 MiR-100 orthologues are often found in clusters with let-7 and the clusters range in size from ~300 to 4000 bp [41]. [score:1]
There are four microRNAs, miR-100, miR-92, miR-279 and miR-137, which exist only in genomes of parasitic nematodes A. suum, B. malayi, P. pacificus and M. incognita, but do not exist in the genomes of the free living nematode C. elegans. [score:1]
The miR-279 and miR-2b were also in a close cluster in M. incognita. [score:1]
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