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Comparing among the group between non-responder and responder, miR-4299 and -939 were the most up-regulated and miR-196b, miR-324-5p and 455-3p were the most down-regulated miRNAs. [score:7]
The low level of miR-4299 expression and the high level of -196b expression are significantly correlated with better survival of colon cancer patients. [score:5]
Under- and over -expression of miR-4299 and -196b expression correlated with better survival in stage IV colon cancer patients. [score:5]
Taken together, our results determined that expression levels of miR-4299 were definitively higher in non-responder compared with responder and the expression levels of miR-196b were definitively lower. [score:4]
Secondly, in most of miRNAs we identified (miR-196b, miR-4299, miR-324-5p, miR-455-3p and miR-939), the potential linkage between their expression and chemoresistance was already established; then some of them were identified for the first time. [score:3]
Statistically significant correlation was observed between the overall survival and the expression levels of miR-4299 and miR-196b (Fig.   4a, b; P = 0.000, P = 0.006). [score:3]
Differential overexpression of miR-4299 and -196b in the colon cancer. [score:3]
A validation study was done to corroborate a subset of the results, including expression levels of miR-4299, miR-196b, miR-324-5p, miR-455-3p and miR-939, through analyzing stage IV colon adenocarcinoma tissues (not responding and responding to the chemotherapy) with laser capture microdissection and quantitative real-time PCR. [score:3]
Fig.  2 Dots indicate of the relative quantification (RQ) values of miRNA expression levels (a miR-4299, b miR-196b, c miR-324-5p, d miR-455-3p, e miR-939), normalized by U6. [score:3]
In this study, we found that the levels of miR-4299 and -196b in tissue samples from non-responders were significantly expressed than those in responders. [score:3]
OS according miR-4299 expression (a). [score:3]
The under- and over -expression of miR-4299 and -196b are significantly correlated with better survival of colon cancer patients. [score:3]
Collectively, the finding suggests that miR-4299 and miR-196b expression may play an important role in colon cancer chemotherapy prognosis. [score:3]
Furthermore, we showed that miR-4299 and -196b are strongly regulated in non-responder colon cancer. [score:2]
Mann–Whitney U test was used to determine statistical significance To test the diagnostic value of miR-4299 and -196b in the chemoresistance of colon cancer, we measured the expression of these miRNAs in tissue samples of 62 non-responders, and found a significant expression when compared to the responders (p < 0.001 for miR-4299, P = 0.021 for miR-196b). [score:2]
At the cutoff value of 1.46 for miR-4299, the sensitivity and the specificity were 75.0 and 88.6 %, respectively. [score:1]
ROC curve analyses also showed that both of the 2 miRNAs could differentiate non-responders from controls of responders with an AUC of 0.810 for miR-4299 (95 % CI 0.704–0.917) and 0.726 for miR-196b (95 % CI 0.597–0.856), respectively (Fig.   3a, b). [score:1]
In conclusion, miR-4299 and -196b appear to be novel biomarkers for detection of chemoresistant colon cancer. [score:1]
Both miR-4299 and -196b had significant diagnostic value for colon cancer and yielded AUC of 0.810 and 0.726, respectively. [score:1]
MiR-4299 yielded an AUC (the areas under the ROC curve) of 0.810 and miR-196b yielded an AUC of 0.726 in discriminating chemoresistant colon cancer from controls. [score:1]
miR-4299 yielded an AUC (the areas under the ROC curve) of 0.810 (95 % CI 0.704–0.917) with 75.0 % sensitivity and 88.6 % specificity in discriminating non-responder (a), and miR-196b yielded AUC of 0.726 for miR-196b (95 % CI 0.597–0.856) with 71.4 % sensitivity and 77.3 % specificity in discriminating non-responder (b). [score:1]
Currently, miR-4299 is no more related research. [score:1]
According to miR-4299 and miR-196b values, the median OS were 18.7 (miR-4299, CI 17.4–20.0) and 18.0 (miR-196a, CI 15.1–20.9). [score:1]
These data suggest that miR-4299 and -196b have strong potential as novel biomarkers for chemoresistance detection of colon cancer. [score:1]
The diagnostic value of miR-4299 and -196b for the chemoresistance of colon cancer. [score:1]
We found that miR-4299 and -196b have significant diagnostic value in chemoresistant colon cancer. [score:1]
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Among the down-regulated miRNAs, the miR-4299 (≤ 6 times fold down-regulated) and miR-3934 (≤ 2.6 down-regulated) were altered throughout all stages of tumor progression (Fig 1, Figs A-D in S1 File). [score:10]
In silico target prediction combined with gene ontology analysis reveals that miR-4299 can potentially regulate ErbB signaling pathway in different points by targeting BRAF, EIF4EBP1, PIK3R3 and BTC [17]. [score:6]
Among the altered miRNAs, miR-4299 and miR-3934 presented a strong downregulation in all tested cell lines, during all stages of tumor progression. [score:4]
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In addition, expression levels of certain miRNAs, such as miR-4649-5p and hsa-miR-4299, were significantly correlated with disease progression and might be useful as prognostic biomarkers (81). [score:5]
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The overall fold change in expression was comparable for miR-887 and miR-4299, but the fold change for miR-99b* was lower in qPCR than in the chip data. [score:3]
The expression of miR-99b* (A), miR-887 (B), and miR-4299 (C), was significantly higher in irradiated PBMCs compared to non-irradiated PBMCs 20 hours after irradiation. [score:2]
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Nineteen of the downregulated miRNAs in chronic patients were found to be associated with carcinogenesis in various organs and tissues, such as miR-1207 [40], miR-3162-5p [41, 42], miR-3196 [43, 44], miR-371b-5p [45], miR-574-5p [46, 47], miR-1225-5p [48], miR-4485 [49], miR-572 [50], miR-4299 [51], miR-3679-5p [52], miR-3940-5p [53], miR-638 [54, 55], miR-1202 [56], miR-5787 [57], miR-1973 [58], miR-4532 [59], miR-1275 [60], miR-4728-5p [61], and miR-1915-3p [62]. [score:4]
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