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3 publications mentioning bma-mir-9

Open access articles that are associated with the species Brugia malayi and mention the gene name mir-9. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Bma-let-7, bma-miR-1, bma-miR-9, bma-miR-92, and bma-miR-100b (white asterisks) share 100% identity with a host miRNA, while bma-miR-34 shows high identity with a host miRNA (21/23 nucleotides). [score:1]
In some cases, parasite miRNAs are better conserved in mammalian hosts than in C. elegans (e. g., bma-miR-9, bma-miR-993, and bma-miR-100b/c). [score:1]
bma-miR-9 and bma-miR-993 are presented as examples where conserved parasite miRNAs have clear host homologs, yet lack one-to-one C. elegans orthologs. [score:1]
Bma-let-7, along with four other B. malayi mature miRNAs found in ELVs (bma-miR-1, bma-miR-9, bma-miR-92, and bma-miR-100b), share perfect sequence identity with host (Homo sapiens) mature miRNAs, as shown in Fig 5B. [score:1]
Alignments are shown for bma-let-7, bma-miR-9 and bma-miR-993. [score:1]
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The largest miRNA family identified was let-7 consisting of 13 members, followed by miR-30, miR-2, miR-9, miR-92 and miR-548, which processed 10, 9, 8, 8 and 8 members, respectively. [score:1]
The conserved miRNA in the adult stage of D. immitis, such as miR-1, miR-71, miR-228, miR-100, let-7, miR-279 and miR-9, had very high copy numbers, suggesting that they fulfill an essential function. [score:1]
The ten most abundant miRNA families are shown in Table 1. In comparison to B. xylophilus, miR-100, miR-1, miR-71 and let-7 were the most frequently sequenced miRNA in both species, while miR-279, miR-9, miR-101, miR-2 and miR-769 exhibited high abundance in D. immitis only. [score:1]
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MicroRNA-9 and miR-79 are on opposite arms of the same hairpin. [score:1]
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