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8 publications mentioning mmu-mir-680-2

Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-680-2. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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There were four up-regulated miRNAs (mmu-miR-709, mmu-miR-467a-3p, mmu-miR-182-5p and mmu-miR-25-5p) and seven down-regulated miRNAs (mmu-miR-615-3p, mmu-miR-409-3p, mmu-miR-680, mmu-miR-129-5p, mmu-miR-151-5p, mmu-miR-142-5p and mmu-miR-30b-5p), as the values presented in Table 1. Then we performed unsupervised hierarchical clustering of the eleven miRNAs. [score:7]
Control) P -valuemmu-miR-25-5p2.210.04mmu-miR-7091.980.02mmu-miR-467a-3p1.820.04mmu-miR-182-5p1.540.05mmu-miR-129-5p0.290.02mmu-miR-6800.340.02mmu-miR-615-3p0.360.00mmu-miR-409-3p0.440.02mmu-miR-30b-5p0.510.05mmu-miR-151-5p0.610.03 mmu-miR-142-5p 0.63 0.04By TargetScan, we found that mmu-miR-25-5p, mmu-miR-615-3p, mmu-miR-151-5p and mmu-miR-680 had few target genes directly relating with Tregs in MeSH database, so we excluded the four miRNAs for further exploration. [score:6]
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Of the seven upregulated miRNAs, three (miR-680, miR-320 and miR-22) were confirmed to be upregulated by qRT-PCR analysis (Supplemental Figure 2A). [score:7]
We analyzed the levels of 13 miRNAs confirmed to be dysregulated in P7 Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs compared to P3 Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs (miR-680, miR-320, miR-22, miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-675-3p, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872, miR-369-5p and miR-10b) in RNA samples prepared from the livers of WT young (20 weeks), the progeroid Ercc1 [−/Δ] mice, and WT old mice (30 months). [score:1]
Three miRNAs (miR-680, miR-320, and miR-22) which were upregulated in P7 compared to P3 Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs (Table 4) as measured by microarray did not show upregulation in livers from progeroid and WT old mice compared to young WT controls as measured by qRT-PCR (data not shown). [score:1]
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Pattern 3 and 4 were unique to Group B (increased miR-10b and decreased miR-680, respectively); Pattern 5 was common to both Groups B and C and contained 29 miRNAs whose expression was increased; and Pattern 6 was comprised of 35 Group C miRNAs whose expression was likewise increased. [score:5]
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The top-ten upregulated transcripts in Akita hearts are 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase 2 (HMGCS2), natriuretic peptide receptor-3 (NPR3), uncoupling protein-1 (UCP1), microRNA-680 (miR-680), angiopoietin-like 4 (ANGPTL4), mitochondrially encoded cytochrome c oxidase-1 (MT-CO1), spermiogenesis specific transcript on the Y-1 (Ssty1), sycp3 like Y-linked (Sly), vomeronasal-1receptor-180 (Vmn1r180) and microRNA-101c (miR-101c) (Fig 3C). [score:4]
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Moreover, miR-680 showed the highest fold change (Fold change = 20.92, Table  4) following long-term smoking. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7b, hsa-let-7c, hsa-let-7d, hsa-let-7e, hsa-let-7f-1, hsa-let-7f-2, hsa-mir-93, mmu-let-7g, mmu-let-7i, mmu-mir-126a, mmu-mir-302a, mmu-let-7d, hsa-let-7g, hsa-let-7i, hsa-mir-126, mmu-let-7a-1, mmu-let-7a-2, mmu-let-7b, mmu-let-7c-1, mmu-let-7c-2, mmu-let-7e, mmu-let-7f-1, mmu-let-7f-2, mmu-mir-93, hsa-mir-302a, mmu-mir-466a, hsa-mir-551b, hsa-mir-548a-1, hsa-mir-548b, hsa-mir-548a-2, hsa-mir-548a-3, hsa-mir-548c, hsa-mir-626, hsa-mir-548d-1, hsa-mir-548d-2, mmu-mir-551b, mmu-mir-763, mmu-mir-692-1, mmu-mir-327, mmu-mir-466b-1, mmu-mir-466b-2, mmu-mir-466b-3, mmu-mir-466c-1, mmu-mir-466e, mmu-mir-466f-1, mmu-mir-466f-2, mmu-mir-466f-3, mmu-mir-466g, mmu-mir-466h, mmu-mir-466d, mmu-mir-466l, mmu-mir-466i, mmu-mir-466f-4, mmu-mir-466k, mmu-mir-466j, mmu-mir-467g, hsa-mir-1233-1, hsa-mir-1234, hsa-mir-548e, hsa-mir-548j, hsa-mir-548k, hsa-mir-1299, hsa-mir-548l, hsa-mir-548f-1, hsa-mir-548f-2, hsa-mir-548f-3, hsa-mir-548f-4, hsa-mir-548f-5, hsa-mir-1255a, hsa-mir-548g, hsa-mir-548n, hsa-mir-548m, hsa-mir-548o, hsa-mir-1268a, hsa-mir-548h-1, hsa-mir-548h-2, hsa-mir-548h-3, hsa-mir-548h-4, hsa-mir-548p, hsa-mir-548i-1, hsa-mir-548i-2, hsa-mir-548i-3, hsa-mir-548i-4, hsa-mir-103b-2, hsa-mir-320d-2, hsa-mir-548q, mmu-mir-466m, mmu-mir-466o, mmu-mir-466c-2, mmu-mir-466b-4, mmu-mir-466b-5, mmu-mir-466b-6, mmu-mir-466b-7, mmu-mir-466p, mmu-mir-466n, mmu-mir-466b-8, hsa-mir-548s, hsa-mir-466, hsa-mir-548t, hsa-mir-548u, hsa-mir-548v, hsa-mir-3176, hsa-mir-548w, hsa-mir-548x, mmu-mir-3471-1, hsa-mir-4281, hsa-mir-1302-11, hsa-mir-548y, hsa-mir-548z, hsa-mir-548aa-1, hsa-mir-548aa-2, hsa-mir-548o-2, hsa-mir-1268b, hsa-mir-548h-5, hsa-mir-548ab, hsa-mir-548ac, hsa-mir-548ad, hsa-mir-548ae-1, hsa-mir-548ae-2, hsa-mir-548ag-1, hsa-mir-548ag-2, hsa-mir-548ah, hsa-mir-548ai, hsa-mir-548aj-1, hsa-mir-548aj-2, hsa-mir-3689c, hsa-mir-548x-2, hsa-mir-548ak, hsa-mir-548al, hsa-mir-548am, hsa-mir-548an, hsa-mir-548ao, hsa-mir-548ap, mmu-mir-466q, hsa-mir-548aq, hsa-mir-548ar, hsa-mir-548as, hsa-mir-548at, hsa-mir-548au, hsa-mir-548av, hsa-mir-548aw, hsa-mir-548ax, mmu-let-7j, hsa-mir-548ay, hsa-mir-548az, mmu-let-7k, mmu-mir-126b, hsa-mir-548ba, hsa-mir-548bb, mmu-mir-466c-3, hsa-mir-548bc
For example, the pre-miRNAs HSA-MIR-4281, MMU-MIR-680-2 and MMU-MIR-763 miRBase coordinates do not correspond to TE sequences while found they correspond to TE-derived pre-miRNA or mis-annotated pre-miRNA: HSA-MIR-4281 is a TE-derived pre-miRNA where 57% of its sequence is a MER34_int TE; MMU-MIR-680-2 is a mis-annotated pre-miRNA where all its sequence is ERVB4_1B-LTR_MM TE sequence and MMU-MIR-763 is also a mis-annotated pre-miRNA and contains solely the Eulor5A TE sequence. [score:1]
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Additionally, selected miRs that were significantly altered in our microarray, such as miR-26b, miR-27a, miR-143, miR-150, miR-328, miR-341*, miR-680 and miR-1224, were validated. [score:1]
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On the other hand, by RNA ISH we obtained a clear regional hybridization signal for 14 miRNAs that were not detected in a reliable manner by microarray profiling (e. g. miR-188-5p, miR-296-5p, miR-680, miR-681; see database). [score:1]
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