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3 publications mentioning aga-mir-317

Open access articles that are associated with the species Anopheles gambiae and mention the gene name mir-317. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Among those, two highly expressed miRNAs, miR-317 and miR-2940 were more than 5- and 3-fold upregulated by P. berghei infection, respectively. [score:6]
The expression levels of the highly abundant miRNAs, miR-7 and exogenous mmu-miR-92a were significantly increased in blood-fed mosquitoes; while miR-317 and miR-2940 were significantly upregulated after P. berghei parasite infections. [score:6]
Such modifications were mostly associated with miR-11, miR-14, miR-317, miR-277, miR-184, miR-8, miR-92b and miR-989. [score:1]
Using log [2] fold-change, more than 1.5 as a threshold, we revealed changes in abundance of miR-7, miR-92a, miR-317 and newly described miR-N3 (FigureĀ  6A). [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-mir-33a, hsa-mir-92a-1, hsa-mir-92a-2, dme-mir-1, dme-mir-8, dme-mir-11, hsa-mir-34a, hsa-mir-210, dme-mir-184, dme-mir-275, dme-mir-92a, dme-mir-276a, dme-mir-277, dme-mir-33, dme-mir-281-1, dme-mir-281-2, dme-mir-34, dme-mir-276b, dme-mir-210, dme-mir-92b, dme-bantam, dme-mir-309, dme-mir-317, hsa-mir-1-2, hsa-mir-184, hsa-mir-190a, hsa-mir-1-1, hsa-mir-34b, hsa-mir-34c, aga-bantam, aga-mir-1, aga-mir-184, aga-mir-210, aga-mir-275, aga-mir-276, aga-mir-277, aga-mir-281, aga-mir-8, aga-mir-92a, aga-mir-92b, hsa-mir-92b, hsa-mir-33b, hsa-mir-190b, dme-mir-190, dme-mir-957, dme-mir-970, dme-mir-980, dme-mir-981, dme-mir-927, dme-mir-989, dme-mir-252, dme-mir-1000, aga-mir-1174, aga-mir-1175, aga-mir-34, aga-mir-989, aga-mir-11, aga-mir-981, aga-mir-1889, aga-mir-1890, aga-mir-1891, aga-mir-190, aga-mir-927, aga-mir-970, aga-mir-957, aga-mir-1000, aga-mir-309, cqu-mir-1174, cqu-mir-281-1, cqu-mir-1, cqu-mir-275, cqu-mir-957, cqu-mir-277, cqu-mir-252-1, cqu-mir-970, cqu-mir-317-1, cqu-mir-981, cqu-mir-989, cqu-mir-1175, cqu-mir-276-1, cqu-mir-276-2, cqu-mir-276-3, cqu-mir-210, cqu-mir-92, cqu-mir-190-2, cqu-mir-190-1, cqu-mir-1000, cqu-mir-11, cqu-mir-8, cqu-bantam, cqu-mir-1891, cqu-mir-184, cqu-mir-1890, cqu-mir-980, cqu-mir-33, cqu-mir-2951, cqu-mir-2941-1, cqu-mir-2941-2, cqu-mir-2952, cqu-mir-1889, cqu-mir-309, cqu-mir-252-2, cqu-mir-281-2, cqu-mir-317-2, aga-mir-2944a-1, aga-mir-2944a-2, aga-mir-2944b, aga-mir-2945, aga-mir-33, aga-mir-980
miR-275 and miR-317 have no experimentally reported targets to date. [score:3]
In Aedes, four miRNAs, miR-276, miR-317, miR-1000, and miR-309 arise from two potential hairpin precursors (Table 1). [score:1]
Five miRNAs, miR-1, miR-317, miR-277, miR-989, and miR-92 were sequenced >120 times and were readily detectable in total RNA isolated from Cx. [score:1]
quinquefasciatus miRNAs, miR-317, miR-252, miR-276, miR-190, miR-981, and miR-2944, arise from at least two possible hairpin precursors (Table 2). [score:1]
albopictus C710 cells, these two species shared five out of the top ten most frequently occurring miRNAs: miR-184, miR-317, miR-277, miR-275, and miR-8 (Tables 1, 2). [score:1]
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miR-2b and miR-317, on the other hand, showed a marked decrease in their concentrations and in their binding to Ago1 and Ago2 after blood ingestion. [score:1]
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