Read MR0000052265

Accession MR0000052265
Organism Drosophila melanogaster
Stem-loop ID dme-mir-307b


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Accession Read count Tissue Link Comment Reference
ER0000000010 1 Head GEO : GSM240749 [ Chung WJ et al.]
ER0000000079 1 Whole body GEO : GSM322208 3rd instar larvae
ER0000000080 3 Whole body GEO : GSM322219 2-4 day old pupae
ER0000000083 1 Head GEO : GSM322533 Age: Adult; Gender: Female
ER0000000084 6 Head GEO : GSM322543 Age: Adult; Gender: Male
ER0000000101 2 Whole body GEO : GSM399107 Gender: Male


PMID : 18501606
  • "Endogenous RNA interference provides a somatic defense against Drosophila transposons"
  • Chung WJ, Okamura K, Martin R, Lai EC Curr Biol. 18:795-802(2008).