Stem-loop sequence bta-mir-11976-1

AccessionMI0038180 (change log)
DescriptionBos taurus miR-11976-1 stem-loop
   a   gg    gg g     ---g   --gga g 
5'  gcc  ggcg  g cgccg    agc     g a
    |||  ||||  | |||||    |||     |  
3'  cgg  ccgc  c gcggc    ucg     c a
   g   gg    gg g     ggaa   gaaaa a 
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Deep sequencing
648 reads, 18.2 reads per million, 55 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (Btau_5.0.1; GCA_000003205.6) Overlapping transcripts
chr17: 72437189-72437251 [+]
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Mature sequence bta-miR-11976

Accession MIMAT0046357

43 - 


 - 63

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Deep sequencing1294 reads, 55 experiments
Evidence experimental; Illumina [1]


PMID:27100870 "Comparative Analysis of the miRNome of Bovine Milk Fat, Whey and Cells" Li R, Dudemaine PL, Zhao X, Lei C, Ibeagha-Awemu EM PLoS One. 11:e0154129(2016).