Stem-loop sequence hsa-mir-134

Symbol HGNC:MIR134
DescriptionHomo sapiens miR-134 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000112; mir-134
Community annotation

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miR-134 is a family of microRNA precursors found in mammals, including humans. MicroRNAs are typically transcribed as ~70 nucleotide precursors and subsequently processed by the Dicer enzyme to give a ~22 nucleotide product. The excised region or, mature product, of the miR-134 precursor is the microRNA mir-134. miR-134 was one of a number of microRNAs found to be increasingly expressed in schizophrenia.

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   c     gu        u  -a   g    ---    g 
5'  agggu  gugacugg ug  cca aggg   gcau c
    |||||  |||||||| ||  ||| ||||   |||| a
3'  uccca  cacugauc ac  ggu uccc   ugug c
   c     ac        c  cg   g    acu    u 
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Deep sequencing
9099 reads, 568 reads per million, 45 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: high
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miR-134 was first identified by cloning studies in mouse [1]. Its expression was later verified in human embryonic stem cells [2]. The mature sequence shown here represents the most commonly cloned form from large-scale cloning studies [4].

Genome context
Coordinates (GRCh38) Overlapping transcripts
chr14: 101054687-101054759 [+]
OTTHUMT00000414339 ; CTD-2644I21.1-001; intron 1
ENST00000554540 ; CTD-2644I21.1-001; intron 1
Clustered miRNAs
< 10kb from hsa-mir-134
hsa-mir-381chr14: 101045920-101045994 [+]
hsa-mir-487bchr14: 101046455-101046538 [+]
hsa-mir-539chr14: 101047321-101047398 [+]
hsa-mir-889chr14: 101047901-101047979 [+]
hsa-mir-544achr14: 101048658-101048748 [+]
hsa-mir-655chr14: 101049550-101049646 [+]
hsa-mir-487achr14: 101052446-101052525 [+]
hsa-mir-382chr14: 101054306-101054381 [+]
hsa-mir-134chr14: 101054687-101054759 [+]
hsa-mir-668chr14: 101055258-101055323 [+]
hsa-mir-485chr14: 101055419-101055491 [+]
hsa-mir-323bchr14: 101056219-101056300 [+]
hsa-mir-154chr14: 101059755-101059838 [+]
hsa-mir-496chr14: 101060573-101060674 [+]
hsa-mir-377chr14: 101062050-101062118 [+]
hsa-mir-541chr14: 101064495-101064578 [+]
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Mature sequence hsa-miR-134-5p

Accession MIMAT0000447

8 - 


 - 29

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Deep sequencing1052 reads, 25 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [2-4], Illumina [5]
Validated targets
Predicted targets

Mature sequence hsa-miR-134-3p

Accession MIMAT0026481

46 - 


 - 68

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Deep sequencing20 reads, 8 experiments
Evidence experimental; Illumina [5]


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