Stem-loop sequence hsa-mir-31

AccessionMI0000089 (change log)
Symbol HGNC:MIR31
DescriptionHomo sapiens miR-31 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000064; mir-31
Community annotation

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miR-31 has been characterised as a tumour suppressor miRNA, with its levels varying in breast cancer cells according to the metastatic state of the tumour. From its typical abundance in healthy tissue is a moderate decrease in non-metastatic breast cancer cell lines, and levels are almost completely absent in mouse and human metastatic breast cancer cell lines. There has also been observed a strong encapsulation of tumour cells expressing miR-31, as well as a reduced cell survival rate. miR-31's antimetastatic effects therefore make it a potential therapeutic target for breast cancer.

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         ga     g   c         -u   gaa 
5' ggagag  ggcaa aug uggcauagc  guu   c
   ||||||  ||||| ||| |||||||||  |||    
3' ccuuuc  ccguu uac accguaucg  caa   u
         ua     a   a         uc   ggg 
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Deep sequencing
61199 reads, 2.51e+03 reads per million, 75 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: high
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The mature sequence shown here represents the most commonly cloned form from large-scale cloning studies [2]. The 5' end of the miRNA may be offset with respect to previous annotations.

Genome context
Coordinates (GRCh38; GCA_000001405.15) Overlapping transcripts
chr9: 21512115-21512185 [-]
OTTHUMT00000051910 ; RP11-354P17.9-001; intron 1
ENST00000304425 ; MIR31HG-001; intron 1
ENST00000362307 ; MIR31-201; exon 1
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Mature sequence hsa-miR-31-5p

Accession MIMAT0000089
Previous IDshsa-miR-31

8 - 


 - 28

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Deep sequencing57377 reads, 74 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [1-3], Northern [1]
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Mature sequence hsa-miR-31-3p

Accession MIMAT0004504
Previous IDshsa-miR-31*

44 - 


 - 65

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Deep sequencing3826 reads, 58 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [2]
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