6 experiments for all tissues in Oryza sativa

AccessionTissueRead countSRR accessionCommentReferenceCompare exp.
ER0000000008whole body16677 [ Johnson C et al.]
ER0000000009whole body21113 [ Johnson C et al.]
ER0000000201whole body751870SRR062265strain: indica 93-11, age: 12-day-old, stress: control[ Li T et al.]
ER0000000202whole body694609SRR062266strain: indica 93-11, stress: H2O2[ Li T et al.]
ER0000000273callus culture2719076 undifferentiated
ER0000000276callus2165056 cultivar: Japonica, variety: Nipponbare, developmental stage: differentiated[ Chen CJ et al.]


PMID:19584097 "Clusters and superclusters of phased small RNAs in the developing inflorescence of rice" Johnson C, Kasprzewska A, Tennessen K, Fernandes J, Nan GL, Walbot V, Sundaresan V, Vance V, Bowman LH