8 experiments for all tissues in Arabidopsis thaliana

AccessionTissueRead countSRR accessionCommentReferenceCompare exp.
ER0000000004whole body16473 [ Mi S et al.]
ER0000000003whole body1384748 [ Mi S et al.]
ER0000000005whole body21221 [ Mi S et al.]
ER0000000006whole body10606 [ Mi S et al.]
ER0000000208flower20181 [ Rajagopalan R et al.]
ER0000000209rosette leaf46101 [ Rajagopalan R et al.]
ER0000000210seedling43589 [ Rajagopalan R et al.]
ER0000000211silique40169 [ Rajagopalan R et al.]


PMID:18342361 "Sorting of small RNAs into Arabidopsis argonaute complexes is directed by the 5' terminal nucleotide" Mi S, Cai T, Hu Y, Chen Y, Hodges E, Ni F, Wu L, Li S, Zhou H, Long C, Chen S, Hannon GJ, Qi Y.