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miRBase 18 is coming …

If all goes to plan, miRBase 18 should be released this week. The release contains 18226 entries representing hairpin precursor miRNAs, expressing 21643 mature miRNA products, in 168 species. That represents 1488 new hairpin sequences and 1929 novel mature products. We have continued to rename miR/miR* pairs using the -5p/-3p nomenclature (see the previous blog post about this), and to add mature products with deep sequencing evidence. More soon …

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  1. Viviana says

    That is great news! I have one small question: Will all the miR/miR* pairs be replaced with the -5p/-3p nomenclarute in the human miRNA sequences?
    Thank you!

    • sam says

      Yes. This will happen in human, mouse and C. elegans this time, with more to come next time.

  2. Nivaldo Vieira says

    Hello, I’m having trouble in accessing the file.

    How many miRNA are there in HUMANS in this last release?

    Thank you

    • sam says

      Which file? You can see the number of hairpin and mature miRNAs on the browse page.